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Simplest Studio 2020 SE

Audio Extractors/Converters by helg
Simplest Studio 2020 SE Simplest Studio is an application that allows you to convert
audio flac mp3 wav encoder software app converter extraction
5 .0
Sep 17 2020

YouTube to CUE Converter

Audio Extractors/Converters by trialuser
This program is intended to download audio albums from YouTube. It downloads audio file using youtube-dl and generates Cue Sheet with metadata.
qt youtube cue software app audio converter extraction
5 .0
Dec 21 2019

freac - free audio converter

Audio Extractors/Converters by hb882
and converts between various audio formats. NOTE: This is only to provide appimages, I am not the developer.
software app audio converter extraction
5 .0
Feb 08 2019

Youtube playlist

Audio Extractors/Converters by dude_double
Youtube playlist
app software audio converter extraction
5 .0
Dec 14 2017


Audio Extractors/Converters by HessiJames
soundKonverter is a front-end to various audio converters. The key features are: - Audio conversion - Replay Gain calculation - CD ripping See the wiki ([url][/url]) for more information.
app software audio converter extraction music transcode
8 .8
Oct 01 2017


Audio Extractors/Converters by sokoloff
and saves them as separate audio files. To do this, it uses information from the appropriate CUE file
app software audio converter extraction
8 .4
Oct 02 2016


Audio Extractors/Converters by cycomyco
the archive as root user. The standalone playlistwidget is available under:
app software audio converter extraction
5 .0
Nov 30 2014

Perl Audio Converter

Audio Extractors/Converters by viron
A tool for converting multiple audio types from one format to another. It supports the following audio formats: 3G2, 3GP, 8SVX, AAC, AC3, ADTS, AIFF, AL, AMB, AMR, APE, AU, AVR, BONK, CAF, CDR, CVU, DAT, DTS, DVMS, F32, F64, FAP, FLA, FLAC, FSSD, GSRT, HCOM, IMA, IRCAM, LA, MAT, MAUD, MAT4,...
app software audio converter extraction
6 .3
Jan 13 2014


Audio Extractors/Converters by bogo1966
2mp3 is designed to allow easy extraction from audio tracks, It works as a front-end of MPlayer (C), and lame (C) and uses some code from smplayer (C) and some Qt forums, that I didn't...
app software audio converter extraction
5 .8
Aug 30 2013


Audio Extractors/Converters by paddlaren
[b]About the BooqRipper[/b] BooqRipper is an audio book ripper software for Linux. Ripping audio books differs from music in the sense that an audio book often consist of 15-30 CDs and no CD all equally part of the book. When I used to rip audio books using K3B I found that the information...
app software audio converter extraction
5 .8
Apr 08 2012