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Graphic Apps by jbal
Simple to use paint program like Paintbrush for Mac or classic MS Paint, but for Linux 1. Features - Drawing tools Lines Arrows Rectangles Ellipses Pencil Text Brushes Flood fill Rounded rectangles Polygon (closed polygonal chain) ...
app software graphics paint draw images raster
6 .7
May 28 2020


Graphic Apps by sallewell
KXStitch can be used to create cross stitch patterns, either from imported images or directly by the user. The download link is to the official KDE download mirrors and contains a source tarball. OpenSuSE packages are maintained by myself on the OpenSuSE Build Service.
app software graphics stitching
7 .2
Jun 09 2019


Graphic Apps by faster
++ libraries. If you appreciate this work and would like to support the project, you are welcome to donate
app software images converter graphics
8 .1
Oct 11 2018