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IDEs by detlev
Eric is a Python IDE written using PyQt5 and QScintilla2. It has integrated project management capabilities, it gives you an unlimited number of editors, an integrated Python shell, an integrated debugger, integrated interfaces to Mercurial, Git and Subversion, integrated unittest and much more....
development ide python python3 app software
7 .6
Sep 05 2020


IDEs by haylem
IDE programador sencillo para lenguaje C que funciona sobre gcc. Permite organizar tu codigo y tener a la vista todas tus funciones. Integra la haylemapi con funciones que realmentwe usted siempre ha deseado esten en su lenguaje favorito como funciones para obrenet y cambiar la mac, etc....
software app ide c program gcc haylem
5 .0
Sep 11 2019


Text Editors by dvorka_1
Are you drowning in information, but starving for knowledge? Where do you keep your private remarks like ideas, personal plans, gift tips, how-tos, dreams, business vision, finance strategy, auto coaching notes? Loads of documents, sketches and remarks spread around the file system, cloud, web...
markdown ide notebook knowledge outliner software app
5 .8
Aug 30 2018