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Notes by szinedine
to add them into the the app in "Edit -> Markdown Readers"
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2 days ago


Audioplayers by trialuser
Qmmp (Qt-based Multimedia Player) is an audio-player, written with help of Qt library. [b]Supported operating systems:[/b] GNU/Linux FreeBSD Microsoft Windows [b]Supported formats:[/b] MPEG1 layer 2/3 Ogg Vorbis Ogg Opus Native FLAC, Ogg FLAC Musepack WavePack tracker modules...
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8 .6
Sep 19 2020

Qt5 Configuration Tool

Utilities by trialuser
This program allows users to configure Qt5 settings (theme, font, icons, etc.) under DE/WM without Qt integration. [b]Requirements:[/b] - GNU Linux or FreeBSD - qtbase >= 5.4.0 - qtsvg >= 5.4.0 - qttools >= 5.4.0 (For build...
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8 .3
Jul 20 2020

Application Package Install Wizard

Utilities by VectoR
. It is a very simple and eye-catching application, simply click on an RPM or DEB package and install it using
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Jun 07 2020

MystiQ Video Converter

Video Converters by swl-x
MystiQ is a GUI for FFmpeg, a powerful media converter. FFmpeg can read audio and video files in various formats and convert them into other formats. MystiQ features an intuitive graphical interface and a rich set of presets to help you convert media files within a few clicks. Advanced users can...
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Apr 29 2020


Audioplayers by SebAmar
Yarock is Qt4/Qt5 Modern Music Player designed to provide an easy and pretty music collection browser based on cover art. Yarock is written in C++ using Qt and Phonon multimedia framework, only for linux platform. Feel free to download, test it and tell me what you think about...
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Mar 23 2019


Audioplayers by zakariakov
Goldfinch a Qt app Organize your audio files -Dependencies: qt5-multimedia qt5-svg
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Nov 30 2018


Music Production by plcl
Drumstick is a set of MIDI libraries using C++/Qt5 idioms and style. Includes a C++ wrapper around
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Sep 27 2016