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Security by anwartitan
Truecrypt veracrypt
security encryption privacy software app
5 .0
Oct 27 2019

Autohosts - Block Ads Spyware and Tracking at the Root Level

Security by angelad
) - (Default custom_filters and firefox-includes) source appends Facebook trackers, Linkedin ads, Google fonts
software app privacy automation adblocking security
5 .8
Oct 23 2019

Request Headers Checker

Security by angelad
applications; what your server returns in headers may give them clues on how to enter your organization without
software app headers apache security developer-tools systeminfo
5 .0
Apr 27 2019

Gitenc - Encrypt Sensitive Files with Git Using GPG

Developers Apps by angelad
for sensitive names from git status and apply GPG encryption as needed (filenames matching config, connection
git encryption developer-tools privacy security software app
5 .0
Jan 27 2019