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TV & Streaming by posktomten
graphic library. The AppImage updates itself, you only need to download once.
appimage streaming video software app
5 .0
Sep 14 2020


TV & Streaming by tgambet
Easyflix is a self-hosted and reactive video-streaming server powered by The Movie Database. Use it to stream your digitized movies and TV shows (or any other videos) to your family's and friends' devices. More information on github:
software app video streaming server
5 .0
Jun 15 2019


Audioplayers by tgambet
Musicalypse is a modern audio player and server built with web technologies. You can use it to listen to music on your computer or stream it to all your devices (computers, tablets or phones) on your local network or beyond. It supports major file formats (mp3, ogg, flac, and wav) and...
music audio player streaming software app
6 .9
Dec 24 2018