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Terminal Apps by paledegax
Sterm is sulincix's terminal. Source code avaiable from:
terminal sterm linux software app
5 .0
Feb 27 2020

Simple Message of the Day for Debian-Based Desktops Servers

Terminal Apps by angelad
Pretty up your terminal / CLI window with ascii art and informational snippets about your system. - Prettify your terminal with ASCII art and informational statistics on each terminal launch - Does not interfere with any system-based MOTD you may have set (/etc/motd) -...
terminal motd systeminfo cli software app
5 .0
Oct 01 2019


Terminal Apps by simonizor
appimages, I am not the developer.
kitty terminal appimage software app
5 .0
Aug 30 2019


System Monitoring by Sourav
A configurable terminal clock for your GNU/Linux system... Installation is easy on any Linux system. For debian systems, you can install the debian package from here. For any other Linux distribution, you can run the installer, found here:...
terminal clock ruby term-clock software app
6 .0
Aug 27 2019

Resgen - Automate Resume an Cover Letter Scrape Job Listing

Office Apps by angelad
Easily keep track of jobs you've applied to. Automate resume & cover letter creation; generate
resume tracker libreoffice terminal automation software app
5 .0
Nov 16 2018