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Retrosmart X11 cursors

Cursors by mdomlop
3.x and OS X cursors, Retrosmart brings an old school feel to your wobbly-windowed desktop of today. This package
linux unix cursor retro kde gnome desktop
6 .7
4 hours ago


Wallpapers Linux/Tux by creativity
LINUX WALLPAPER: 1920*1080 Wallpaper Linux. I would be glad if you rate it and comment. Thanks to all!
linux desktop wallpaper security artwork tux
5 .0
2 days ago


Plasma Themes by mcder
Another translucent Plasma theme based on [url=]Helium[/url] [img][/img] If you like my work, please press the "Pling me" button to make a donation or you can do it directly to my [b]PayPal...
plasma kde theme desktop linux unix
6 .5
Oct 19 2020

Gnome Desktop Wallpaper 416 4K HD

Wallpapers Gnome by charlie-henson
[COLOR="black"][B]Like these? Please visit my forever growing collection of Gnome wallpapers [/B][/COLOR] [COLOR="#873260"] [B][/B][/COLOR]: [url=][COLOR="red"] [B]Here[/B] [/COLOR][/url] [COLOR="black"][B]New wallpapers added weekly and sometimes daily...
gnome desktop fantasy wallpaper artwork
6 .0
Oct 09 2020

material-black COLORS Icon-Superpack [introducing Suru-GLOW]

Full Icon Themes by rtl88
This is the brand new, dedicated, icon page for the popular material-black COLORS Complete-Desktop
linux unix icon-theme matching folders dark multicolor desktop
9 .3
Oct 06 2020

Common Desktop

GTK3 Themes by elbullazul
GTK 3 theme based on Solaris the retro Common Desktop environment, used in a variety of OSes
solaris 10 cde linux unix theme gnome gtk3 desktop common
7 .6
Oct 04 2020


GTK3 Themes by elbullazul
GTK theme based on the alternative desktop on Solaris 8, OPEN LOOK. Requires GTK 3.20 or higher
open look solaris common desktop linux unix theme gnome gtk3
8 .0
Oct 04 2020

Breeze Dark Opaque

Plasma Themes by koievgeniy
Breeze dark opaque - Desktop theme. Breeze dark full opaque - Desktop theme ( All Black ). Icons
win10 plasma desktop kde linux unix theme
5 .0
Oct 02 2020

My XFCE Desktop

XFCE Screenshots by 7viser
Dark Wallpaper Source: The result is a minimal desktop
xfce4 xfce screenshot desktop linux unix
5 .0
Sep 27 2020

My KDE Plasma Desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots by OlliFri
My KDE Plasma Desktop. Files for Installation are here
desktop plasma gtk2 gtk3 kvantum linux unix screenshot kde
5 .0
Sep 09 2020