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Kdenlive export profile for high quality MP4 and small files

Kdenlive Export Profiles by Bartoloni
This is a high quality MP4 export that create small files (usually half of standard kdenlive MP4
kdenlive mp4 high quality small addon
5 .0
Oct 28 2019

Manjaro HIDPI

Wallpapers Manjaro by Hypnoshot
High DPI 4k Wallpaper for Retina Displays
wallpaper artwork manjaro high highdpi retina dark-theme
5 .0
Apr 30 2018

Gnome Blue HIDPI

Wallpapers Gnome by Hypnoshot
HiDpi Wallpaper 4K 3840x2160
high hidpi retina gnome-dark wallpaper artwork gnome
5 .0
Apr 30 2018


Wallpapers Gnome by Hypnoshot
Wallpaper for 4k and Retina Displays
wallpaper artwork gnome high dpi gnome-dark retina
5 .0
Apr 30 2018

Arch Linux HIDPI

Wallpapers Arch by Hypnoshot
4k High Dpi Wallpaper for Retina Displays
high dpi retina arch dark wallpaper artwork
6 .0
Apr 30 2018