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Archlinux status icons for Octopi-notifier

Icon Sub-Sets by Ralsa
Archlinux logo icon set to replace the default Octopi-notifier icons in the notification area. From the Octopi "tools" menu, select "options" and the "icon" tab to replace the default icons.
icons systray archlinux linux unix iconset
5 .0
Sep 23 2020

Marwaita Icons X

Icon Sub-Sets by darkomarko42
Marwaita Icons with Windows 10 style windows controls
linux unix iconset windows10 marwaita icons icon-theme
5 .0
Jul 06 2020

NoMansSky folder icons

Icon Sub-Sets by adhe
[color=#1E92F7][u][b]NoMansSky theme for plasma KDE [/b][/u][/color] Inspired by [url=][/url] [color=#17B529][u][b]Plasma, gnome, xfce, cinnamon, lxde, i3...
linux unix iconset
5 .0
Jun 28 2020

sweet-oie-cndy icons combained theme

Icon Sub-Sets by brk95
this icon theme combained of Whole credit go to ELIVERLARA and adhe thanks them to their work.
sweet colorful pardus pardusos linux unix iconset
5 .0
Jun 02 2020

Marwaita Icons Green Folders

Icon Sub-Sets by darkomarko42
Green folders for Marwaita Icons -THIS NEED MARWAITA ICONS INSTALLED-
linux unix iconset folders icons green marwaita
6 .5
May 12 2020

Marwaita Icons Yellow folders

Icon Sub-Sets by darkomarko42
Yellow folders for Marwaita Icons -THIS NEED MARWAITA ICONS INSTALLED- 0.5 update to the latest Marwaita Icons version
linux unix iconset folders yellow windows icons marwaita
6 .0
May 11 2020

Hack folders

Icon Sub-Sets by adhe
[color=#1E92F7][u][b]Hack folders for linux [/b][/u][/color] we recommend using the icons with OIeIcons or with your favorite icons [b]OieIcons [/b]--> [url=][/url] # # [u][b]Monokai plasma theme for...
linux unix iconset icons folder
5 .0
Apr 08 2020

Marwaita Icons Osx

Icon Sub-Sets by darkomarko42
OSX buttons(close,minimze,maximize) for Marwaita icons set -THIS NEED MARWAITA ICONS INSTALLED-
linux unix iconset osx icons marwaita mac
5 .0
Apr 11 2020


Icon Sub-Sets by joshaby
[h1]Papirus Nord[/h1] Charming your distro! [h2]Avaliable colors:[/h2] [list] [*] Aurora Green [*] Aurora Orange [*] Aurora Yellow [*] Frost Blue 4 [/list] [h2]Install guide:[/h2] [list] [*]Install the patch package [*]Run de with sudo [*]Enjoy the...
linux unix iconset icons nord papirus
5 .0
Mar 17 2020

Infusions cyberpunks

Icon Sub-Sets by bazza
Set of three icons with five variations of colours each one of Infusions CyberPunks. With the purchase of these icons collaborates in the realisation of the short film 4232.
infusions cyberpunks scifi 4232 linux unix iconset
5 .0
Feb 20 2020