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My IconSet (mix - ieos7 / flat remix / metro UI iconset)

Full Icon Themes by lisabonne_citadel
the hard work was maded by original authors. :) i just only compiled. I tested on elementary os freya (with Arc GTK Theme) to install arc gtk theme look on google something like this arc gtk theme ppa or for ubuntu ieos7 icon theme (i dont know who maded) flat remix icon theme by...
Jan 01 2017


Full Icon Themes by deviantdark
This iconset won't ever have a massive modification. All the work I am doing on it right now
Dec 25 2008

Hydronium iconset

Full Icon Themes by beykex
the icon theme in the .tar.gz Installation: Extract the "Hydronium iconset" folder in your /home/.icons
Sep 07 2011

Tozan iconset

Full Icon Themes by Salamatiqus ) All credits to all authors
Nov 13 2009

OSX Iconset

Icon Sub-Sets by rpgmaker
This is the OSX iconset that you can find here:
linux unix iconset
Jul 23 2009

Niacara iconset

Icon Sub-Sets by murasame
Well, an original iconset to match the theme's colors. (I love this pic though I don't know who did
linux unix iconset
May 16 2008

Revalinux Iconset

Icon Sub-Sets by regendra
Revalinux Iconset vol.2 by Revaline^Studio
linux unix iconset
Oct 14 2006

no|name - Iconset

Icon Sub-Sets by flomar
my first try-out of a - hopefully one day - complete iconset. please tell me how you like what
linux unix iconset
Apr 24 2006

EsPacTra Iconset

Icon Sub-Sets by Anyeos
This iconset is a collection from other resources and some made by me. This expect to give
linux unix iconset
Mar 09 2006

MCLinux iconset

Icon Sub-Sets by Anyeos
it using some existings iconsets here. I try to get the best of all iconsets and join all in this. Some
linux unix iconset
Oct 17 2005