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Linux Mint Nord

Wallpapers Mint by joshaby
A perfect linux mint wallpaper with nordic colors!
wallpaper artwork mint
5 .0
Feb 03 2020

Project 64

Emulation by hcsubser
so that installation of this package is nice and easy on linux. **NOTE: This package is 32bit so it will work
5 .0
Aug 10 2020

Splash siluetas de GNU/Linux en diferentes colores

Plasma Splashscreens by xabi
20 splash de siluetas de GNU/Linux en diferentes colores Siluetas basadas en las siguientes
kde plasma splash linux unix theme plasma-5 splashscreen
5 .0
Aug 23 2019


Wallpapers Linux/Tux by jinju
Linux is yours wallpaper image .This image is released Under GPL v2 license , feel free to copy
linux wallpaper ls yours gnu artwork tux
5 .0
Jan 29 2019

Linux 4 life Wallpaper

Wallpapers Linux/Tux by Hemoo023
Linux 4 life wallpaper that i made/edited that would look pretty cool on a linux desktop :)
wallpaper artwork tux linux
5 .0
Feb 16 2019

Arch Linux Mate

Mate Screenshots by Lobo
iconos papirus tema gtk3 Equilux iconos bibata-oil
linux unix screenshot mate
5 .0
May 03 2018

Xfce ClassicLooks

GTK3 Themes by isiisorisiaint
Xfce ClassicLooks is a linux/freebsd retro-theme focused on providing a consistent look across all
linux unix theme gnome gtk3 gtk2 classic retro uniform
8 .6
Mar 28 2020


Cinnamon Themes by kisskool
Thème: Crée Sous Linux mint 18 Icons Folders: Contenu
linux unix theme cinnamon mint dark
6 .6
Dec 30 2018


Music Production by AJSlye
. The target platform will be Linux, where the Jack Audio Connection Kit (JACK) for audio, and the Advanced
5 .0
Dec 29 2019


Cinnamon Themes by kisskool
Thème: crée Sous Linux mint 18 Contenu: Cinnamon Gtk 2.0 Gtk 3.0 Metacity Installation:/usr
kisskool theme linux mint flat unix cinnamon
5 .0
Aug 11 2018