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Cursors by naskoman
some files spin ...if anybody have some feel free to make it even cooler. Linux freedom for all !
cursor linux unix
5 .9
Aug 23 2015


Cursors by paudelanup
A skull cursor theme for Linux,
cursor linux unix
5 .9
Apr 23 2013

Modern Fairy

Cursors by KuduK
Modern Fairy Original theme by Lord Lethris Due to its availability, I could create the Linux
cursor linux unix
6 .7
Jan 27 2013

Ultimate Serie for left handed

Cursors by markitos66
the original, you can go to The pointers were modified
cursor linux unix
6 .7
Mar 12 2016

DMZ with Yellow Background Multisized

Cursors by markitos66
and the cursor size: one way is using linux commands, and the other using dconf Editor interface
cursor linux unix
6 .3
Mar 09 2014

DMZ White

Cursors by Luinicle
Here DMZ White one of the classics of GNU Linux cursors and cursors DMZ. If you are reaping
cursor linux unix
4 .6
Jul 19 2013

Alpha Cursors

Cursors by Garak128
I always wanted a set of true alpha-blended cursors for linux, but there were none available
cursor linux unix
6 .3
Apr 07 2005


Cursors by Padster
Cursor I made for simpleLinux. Can be improved, I might work on it more. [b]1st preview
cursor linux unix
4 .3
Apr 28 2010


Cursors by KuduK
, and distribute it to the Linux community! theAVman Permission text, inside archive I really hope you enjoy!!
cursor linux unix
5 .9
Jul 25 2010

StarCraft II Cursor Theme (Green)

Cursors by herolief
for Linux users. Simply install the tar.gz theme included and you're good to go. This is the green set; more
cursor linux unix
5 .0
Sep 19 2010