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Mint-X Remix

Cinnamon Themes by Brahimsalem
find the wallpaper here
cinnamon linux unix theme
4 .6
Dec 17 2013

Mint 18 Dryad Cinnamon theme

Cinnamon Themes by AustinTexas
An update of the Dryad theme - Updated for Linux Mint
cinnamon linux unix theme
5 .0
Jun 17 2016


Cinnamon Themes by infektedpc
Winter-Mint is an elegant dark theme with blue highlights and accents.
cinnamon linux unix theme
5 .8
Mar 30 2013

Mint-XP (GTK3, GTK2 & metacity pack)

Cinnamon Themes by gmc85
it here:[url][/url] For icons i recommend "win
cinnamon linux unix theme
7 .4
Jan 26 2017

Empire theme Cinnamon Desktop gtk3.22 and up full theme

Cinnamon Themes by aravisian
, I have migrated to Mint Cinnamon, so my screenshots are taken on Cinnamon D.E., however, the XFWM4 theme
linux unix theme cinnamon
7 .4
Jul 28 2020

DarkMint - Cinnamon

Cinnamon Themes by originalseed
/darkmint-cinnamon/releases[/url] and decompress it in ~/.themes (or /usr/share/themes to install it system
cinnamon linux unix theme dark skeuomorph
6 .7
Apr 16 2012


Cinnamon Themes by Brahimsalem
- Wallpaper included
cinnamon linux unix theme
5 .3
Oct 01 2014

Aztec-gtk for Mint

Cinnamon Themes by blue-dxca93
version, but i didn't see a reason to hide this theme from gnome-look org unecessary. Theme is for Mint
cinnamon linux unix theme
5 .5
Jul 27 2014

Windows flat cinnamon theme for Mint 18

Cinnamon Themes by drakic2
- Open terminal and then type: wget tar -xvzf Windows-flat.tar.gz sudo cp -r Windows-flat /usr/share/themes/ Open Setting, go to Themes and then in Windows borders, Controls and Desktop choose Windows-flat. You...
cinnamon linux unix theme
6 .7
Oct 11 2016

Mintyfresh Cinnamon-theme

Cinnamon Themes by Karmicbastler
hi people, This is the Cinnamon-port of Padsters Mintyfresh Gnome-shelltheme. I managed to port
cinnamon linux unix theme
7 .4
Jan 15 2013