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Barbie Mint Logo

Single Icon/Logo by gregology
Mint logos with altered hue for girly colours to make pretty wall papers for my niece. SVG format
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Dec 15 2009

mint logo concept

Single Icon/Logo by adamdmcbride
concept of a different mint logo. if anyone likes any part of the concept let me know so that I can
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Nov 18 2009
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Oct 14 2009

Alternate Mint Logos

Single Icon/Logo by Zwopper
Alternate Mint logos - Enjoy!
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Aug 09 2009

Mint Poland Logo

Single Icon/Logo by MantisGhost
i know its not perfect but im still not so good with graphic :) -- Witam oto moje wypociny jeżeli ktos zrobi lepsze niech podmieni ^^ P.S. mam nadzieje, że nie jest zle jako że w grafice jestem początkujący :D
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Oct 26 2008

Mint Italia logo

Single Icon/Logo by Clausius
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Aug 30 2008

modified mint logos V2

Single Icon/Logo by merlwiz79
Here is my modified mint logos and one's with the cathbard mint logo. Originally these were made
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Jul 24 2008

Mint Xfce Logos

Single Icon/Logo by exploder91
Mint Xfce Edition logos in, green, blue and purple. These are not the official logos of the Xfce
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Jul 20 2008

unofficial iMint Logo

Single Icon/Logo by Xyvir
Credit to Jernau for suggestions and ideas.
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Jun 19 2008

Mint Logo (svg)

Single Icon/Logo by cathbard
This is the mint logo with some bevelling and lighting effects. It is an inkscape svg. I recommend
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May 30 2008