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Utilities by aaronrennyv
. How do I run the script? This script can only be run on Linux and macOS computers at the time
5 .0
Aug 03 2020


Utilities by hb882
Temperature Monitor -- a proud-to-be-linux-only CLI tool for monitoring/reporting CPU temperatures
5 .0
Aug 02 2020

Qt5 Configuration Tool

Utilities by trialuser
Qt integration. [b]Requirements:[/b] - GNU Linux or FreeBSD - qtbase >= 5.4.0 - qtsvg >= 5.4.0 - qttools
8 .3
Jul 20 2020

HandyLinux Tools

Utilities by arpinux
[b]HandyLinux[/b] is accessibility for all and freedom for everyone to evolve on its own. Based
5 .8
Oct 23 2015

cruiser - a nice offline worldmap tool for linux

Utilities by lisabonne_citadel
just launch it in terminal or for some reason i am not able to launch (maybe requires more powerful video card). this is awesome application without need internet connection to function properly... all you need is download the cruiser application, the...
5 .0
Feb 12 2017


Utilities by Yaccin
WoWLinuxTools are a set of tools for playing World of Warcraft on Linux. Main Project
5 .0
May 12 2007

Linux File Renamer

Utilities by softwaremaster001
The File Renamer Allows Users to Rename Files from Multiple Directories and Sub Directories easily and Quickly. Text String can be Added as Prefix or Suffix to the File Name. String Replacements in File Name are also supported. Files / Folders can be dragged onto the Application Window to List...
5 .0
Jan 01 2014

goLinuxSMS - goWinSMS

Utilities by AlterX
phones and others (with virgilio/tin ADSL account). Based on engineSMS, shared library for linux and win
4 .3
Jun 01 2011


Utilities by patrys
A distro-independent automatic package upgrade utility. LinuxUpdate is written in perl using Gtk2
5 .0
Jan 19 2005

KQuickPkgSearch for Arch-Linux

Utilities by schleby
This a small tool based on kdialog to find packages from archlinux repos very quickly .its
5 .8
Mar 20 2011