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Gnome Screenshots by twodogs
] This thread is awesome and a must read for pimpin' your shell --> [url]
linux unix screenshot gnome
5 .3
Dec 17 2011

Iras desktop

Gnome Screenshots by iras
wallpaper: Linux Mint Grape Vines in summer
linux unix screenshot gnome
5 .0
Feb 15 2008

My desktop - August 2007

Gnome Screenshots by bigberta
I know, its not original, but i think it looks good :) Linux Mint 3.0 with: Compiz fusion
linux unix screenshot gnome
5 .0
Aug 06 2007

W10 theme

Gnome Screenshots by kushagrakarira
not like i hate windows or love windows, its just that i found linux to be a more suitable and easy to use
windows windows10 linux debian gnome-dark unix screenshot gnome
5 .0
Jan 08 2019

Ideal Working Space (With Download Links)

Gnome Screenshots by Hero6
standart linux (Ubuntu Gnome) and made something like this. I dont pretend on literary property
1024x768 800x600 linux unix screenshot gnome
5 .0
Nov 17 2017

Custom OS

Gnome Screenshots by som3rock3r
The OS is Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy with Ubuntu and Mint software. The theme is Mac4Lin's Leopard theme
linux unix screenshot gnome
5 .0
Jul 10 2008

CyberCat Screen

Gnome Screenshots by wilbura09
I just switched to linux and wanted to share my sweet new desktop with the awesome CyberCat
linux unix screenshot gnome
5 .0
May 24 2016


Gnome Screenshots by twodogs
Arch Linux with i3-gaps as window manager. Very quick with keyboard shortcuts. Dotfiles: http
linux unix screenshot gnome
5 .0
Jun 08 2015

Dark'n Orange

Gnome Screenshots by kai100
Dark'n Orange :) why do I this?! Inspiration,Fun & Linux :) Yes Linux can!!! :)
linux unix screenshot gnome
5 .0
Jun 02 2009

Alienware Invader

Gnome Screenshots by tuxkernel
OS: GNU/Linux Distro: Debian 7.6 (Wheezy) Kernel: 3.2.0-4-686-pae Desktop: MATE 1.8.1 GTK
linux unix screenshot gnome
4 .6
Jul 20 2014