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Chili login theme for KDE Plasma

SDDM Login Themes by marianarlt
://]become a supporter[/URL] of opendesktop and the people who create content for your linux
kde background linux unix plasma sddm
8 .6
Nov 05 2018


MP3 Taggers by curfew
] - [url=]AUR[/url] [Arch Linux] Features in short
7 .9
Apr 29 2018

JGD Black GTK+ 2 theme

GTK2 Themes by jasong-designs
search box, and select [b]Theme engines for GTK+ 2.x[/b] and hit Install. [b]Arch:[/b] For Arch Linux
gtk2 linux unix gnome theme black
6 .8
Oct 12 2018

Wallpaper_changer (python3)

Utilities by yuki
integration See documentations on Github. Built for linux OS. It uses find, ls, grep and other programs
wallpaper script automatic linux crontab software app
5 .0
Aug 23 2018


GTK3 Themes by levinit
) For ArchLinux user: see aur:candy-gtk-theme ,you can use aur tool,eg. yaourt - yaourt -S candy-gtk-theme Use
gtk3 linux unix gnome theme
6 .3
Sep 20 2017

Purple_Reign and Purple_Reign-Cin

GTK3 Themes by BBOSAK2143
by my partner. Without her, life is nothing. So, least she had this to enjoy on her Linux desktop, in which she
gtk3 linux unix gnome theme
5 .0
Nov 21 2017

Nissl-Twist and Nissl-Cin

GTK3 Themes by BBOSAK2143
of Gnome on Linux. So, now you can understand sometimes even though a theme is not downloaded by everyone
gtk3 linux unix gnome theme
5 .0
Nov 21 2017