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Internet Apps by abishek
File transfer tool. Sendanywhere for arch and manjaro linux with latest version 2.13-1-x86_64
5 .0
Feb 24 2018

Plasma 5.11.4

Wallpapers Arch by krishnasut
Plasma 5.11.4 on Arch Linux
5 .0
Dec 02 2017

Griffin Brave Dark

GTK3 Themes by Shenron
A totally different theme for Linux distributions. Its a flat theme based on materia and provide
1024x768 kde gnome debian gtk3 linux unix theme
5 .0
May 05 2018

Ideal Working Space (With Download Links)

Gnome Screenshots by Hero6
standart linux (Ubuntu Gnome) and made something like this. I dont pretend on literary property
1024x768 800x600 linux unix screenshot gnome
5 .0
Nov 17 2017