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Boot screen theme for Linux Mint.

Plymouth Themes by SebastJava
[b]A new Linux Mint logo.[/b] This theme is based on the standard Linux Mint theme. Only
linux-mint logo plymouth theme bootsplash linux unix splashscreen bootscreen
6 .9
Jan 01 2019

Kali Linux Plymouth

Plymouth Themes by wuek09h
Kali Linux Plymouth To Install: 1. Copy file to usr/share/plymouth/themes 2. Run
kali plymouth linux bootsplash unix splashscreen bootscreen
5 .0
Jan 04 2020

Plymouth MacLinux

Plymouth Themes by luriaprinaldo
18.04 LTS - Xubuntu 18.04 - Kubuntu 18.04 - Linux Mint 19 Any questions? Please contact
linux unix splashscreen plymouth bootscreen bootsplash
5 .8
Apr 14 2019

Star Labs Plymouth Theme

Plymouth Themes by starlabs
Star Labsesque plymouth theme On Ubuntu, Linux Mint, elementaryOS Install: sudo add-apt
boot bootsplash star labs linux unix splashscreen plymouth bootscreen
5 .0
Jan 09 2019

Futurebuntu Ani-01 S Plymouth Theme

Plymouth Themes by Markospoko
Futurebuntu Ani-01 plymouth theme is a futuristic boot theme mostly for Ubuntu/Mint: new Ubuntu
plymouth bootsplash bootscreen ubuntu mint linux unix splashscreen
5 .0
Nov 07 2019