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pclinuxos XPrience X11 mouse theme

Cursors by blackheart75
pclinuxos experience mouse cursor theme thanx to marko sosic for providing the base and scripts
cursor linux unix
4 .6
Oct 25 2005

Red Hat Linux 9 black shadow cursor

Cursors by gardengnome
This is the mouse theme that comes with Red Hat Linux 9. To use (you must have xfree 4.3!) untar
cursor linux unix
5 .0
Apr 06 2003

Coffee Cup Cursor Theme

Cursors by elsmackatan
. Installation: On Linux: Download and extract the theme, and then place the theme in "/usr/share/icons
linux unix cursor coffee cyan
6 .7
May 11 2020


Cursors by elsmackatan
. CursorCreate is a multi-platform cursor build system, which is capable of building cursor themes for Linux
linux unix cursor builder program gplv3
7 .0
May 11 2020

Fossa Cursors

Cursors by adhe
[color=#1E92F7][u][b]Fossa cursors [/b][/u][/color] Cursor theme for Linux: Extract
cursor linux kde gnome unix
7 .8
Apr 22 2020

Layan cursors

Cursors by vinceliuice
Layan cursors theme for linux desktop
linux unix cursor
8 .8
Mar 30 2020

Qogir cursors

Cursors by vinceliuice
Qogir cursors theme for linux desktops
linux unix cursor
8 .1
Mar 11 2020

Vimix cursors theme

Cursors by vinceliuice
Vimix cursors theme for linux desktop
linux unix cursor
8 .7
Feb 23 2020

Don't Wake The Dead

Cursors by isylumn
Complete animated cursor theme Don't Wake The Dead. How to Install Linux Mint Icons 1. Copy
skull skeleton spooky linux unix cursor
5 .0
Feb 08 2019

Star Labs Cursor Theme

Cursors by starlabs
Star Labsesque cursor theme Currently has Standard, Dark and Light variants. On Ubuntu, Linux
linux unix cursor star labs laptop
6 .9
Jan 09 2019