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Icon Sub-Sets by U-ser-2
Logos para MintMenu de diferentes colores.
linux unix iconset
5 .0
Apr 25 2010

fceeze color mintupdate icons

Icon Sub-Sets by fc2linux
Icones com côr para aplicativo mintUpdate para completar tema brisa Estes icons são aplicados
linux unix iconset
5 .8
May 22 2016


Icon Sub-Sets by twodogs
I use Mint-X icons but I also like Faenza folders, so I use Mint-X-F icons. The only problem
linux unix iconset
5 .3
Oct 26 2012

Terminal - Minty Green

Icon Sub-Sets by Kaar3l
All creation credits go to OverlordManny. I only changed his icon orange color to fit with linux
linux unix iconset
5 .8
Sep 15 2011

Mint-X Folders Gold Metal (Home)

Icon Sub-Sets by Ocean-Sea
/Mint-X+Folders-GOLD?content=162900 and Better with these Wall:
linux unix iconset
6 .7
Dec 30 2014

Minty Tango Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by Zwopper
A slight modification to the Tango theme distributed by the Linux Mint team in the Darnya release
linux unix iconset
5 .0
Feb 25 2008

elementary MintUpdate tray icon

Icon Sub-Sets by fliptone
Hi this is my first inkscape creation. I think the Linux Mint Update symbol is not the best
linux unix iconset
7 .2
Feb 15 2011

MX Linux App Menu In Color

Icon Sub-Sets by isylumn
A custom MX Linux application menu
mx linux menu unix iconset
5 .0
Apr 24 2019


Icon Sub-Sets by haniahmed1986
updated 22/6/2013 support nautilus 3.6 & 3.8.1
linux unix iconset
7 .4
Mar 07 2014

Pisi Linux

Icon Sub-Sets by Groni1
Here found you some buttons for Pisi Linux the have the size from 256x256 i work on a complete
linux unix iconset
5 .0
Feb 21 2014