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Face Off Linux Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by madhattr
Face off mod for ut2003 Linux Icons
linux unix iconset
5 .0
Jul 14 2003

OS-X icon based GamePak for Linux

Icon Sub-Sets by Doug
This is a re-release of an OS-X game icon package that is aviable from the folks at site.
linux unix iconset
5 .0
Jan 11 2003

Hack folders

Icon Sub-Sets by adhe
[color=#1E92F7][u][b]Hack folders for linux [/b][/u][/color] we recommend using the icons
linux unix iconset icons folder
5 .0
Apr 08 2020

Kisskool Folder Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by kisskool
------------------------------ Information: par défaut mes icônes dossier sont mise en téléchargement avec les icônes Mint-y ces a ta vous
icon flat color linux mint unix iconset
6 .3
Oct 04 2018

G-icons start buttons

Icon Sub-Sets by mcder
Chakra Fedora Opensuse Debian PClinux Kubuntu Linuxmint Sabayon Pardus
linux unix iconset
6 .7
Sep 01 2011


Icon Sub-Sets by mcder
Linux Mint Mageia Pclinux Pardus Sabayon Slackware
linux unix iconset
6 .3
Nov 08 2011

Windows style Start Orbs

Icon Sub-Sets by Lubuntufan
for anyone looking for menu buttons. Included are: Ubuntu Kubuntu Lubuntu Macbuntu Mint Denbian
linux unix iconset
6 .9
Dec 28 2013

kde start-icons black

Icon Sub-Sets by giannis12a
and a big logo one. Archlinux,debian,fedora,gentoo,mint,kubuntu,mandriva,sabayon,suse,pardus and kde logo.
linux unix iconset
7 .2
Oct 05 2010

Mashup Start Here

Icon Sub-Sets by jesterthejedi
Ubuntu Ubuntu-Studio Fedora Linux-Mint Suse Debian Gentoo
linux unix iconset
5 .8
Jan 20 2009

Tux 2019 - Looking Down

Icon Sub-Sets by isylumn
A 2019 depiction of Tux, the Linux mascot, looking down. This icon set contains identical copies
linux unix iconset tux mascot
5 .0
Mar 02 2019