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GRUB Themes by SebastJava
Boot menu theme for Linux Mint. (GRUB2 theme) One size fits all. WARNING: DO NOT INSTALL
linux unix splashscreen grub burg bootscreen grub-theme linux-mint logo
5 .8
Dec 05 2018

Linux Mint relaxed

Wallpapers Mint by oloberes
Quite minimalistic, but he message is nonetheless true :-)
wallpaper artwork mint linux-mint
5 .0
Dec 19 2018

Boot screen theme for Linux Mint.

Plymouth Themes by SebastJava
[b]A new Linux Mint logo.[/b] This theme is based on the standard Linux Mint theme. Only
linux-mint logo plymouth theme bootsplash linux unix splashscreen bootscreen
6 .9
Jan 01 2019

Linux Mint Grey Skull

Wallpapers Mint by Perfectgreat
!View full size for better quality! Dark wallpaper. 1920 x 1080 Linux Mint logo smoking out
wallpaper artwork mint linux-mint skull dark-theme
5 .0
Jun 09 2018

Linux Mint Update manager icons for systray

Icon Sub-Sets by abdullahoguk
Linux Mint Update Manager custom icons This icon set is edited version of RoberGalarga's work
linuxmint cinnamon update updatemanager linux-mint linux unix iconset
5 .8
Dec 03 2018

Linux Mint HD Exclusive Content Wallpaper

Wallpapers Mint by charlie-henson
Linux Mint HD Exclusive Content Wallpaper 2560 X 1440 Big thanks to Karl Schneider
wallpaper artwork mint linux-mint linux
5 .0
May 05 2018

Goshujinsama's green tea theme

Cinnamon Themes by goshujinsama
from Matcha GTK theme by vinceliuice. This theme is aimed to Linux Mint, so includes a modification
cinnamon linux-mint linux unix theme
5 .0
Jul 27 2020

Mint Cinnamon Dark Theme

Cinnamon Screenshots by reis13
Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon.
linux unix screenshot cinnamon desktop mint linux-mint
5 .8
Dec 18 2018

Cinnamon Mint xl_cheese

Cinnamon Themes by xlcheese
I took the default Cinnamon Theme from Mint and made a few changes. I think the theme was good
linux unix theme cinnamon mint linux-mint
5 .0
Jun 25 2018

Mint Aqua xl_cheese

GTK3 Themes by xlcheese
a few tweaks to the Mint Aqua Theme for Cinnamon. Added a hover effect to the file browser tree
cinnamon mint linux-mint linux unix theme gnome gtk3
5 .0
Jun 23 2018