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Alternative Linux Mint Application Menu Icon

Single Icon/Logo by isylumn
of the default icon shipped with Linux Mint distributions. Most Linux Mint distros (Cinnamon, Stretch, XFCE
linux unix logo start menu apps
5 .0
Feb 19 2019

linux mint blue star

GnoMenu Skins by jmsoviet
Este icono ya existía como imagen en color verde pero decidí hacerlo un botón para gnomenu en color azul espero le guste a la comunidad y no le moleste al autor de la imagen. para editar la imágenes utilice Fspot, Gimp e Inkscape.
menu gnomenu linux unix extension
5 .0
Nov 25 2010

Windows 8 Start Menu for Linux

Utilities by omiasoft
this menu for wide screen only after you downloaded, don't run it please watch this tutorial : dont forget subscribe my youtube channel
5 .0
Apr 08 2020

Menu Minty

Single Icon/Logo by hendra
* Bismillah * Icon for start menu of Linux Mint * With various colors * Download and put in Home
linuxmint mint menu linux unix logo
5 .0
Sep 22 2019

MintyVista Gnomenu f/ Mint Leopard theme

GnoMenu Skins by FilanysZ
The button is based on the linux glass mint by JAW but it is without the Black so it fits with the taskbar
menu gnomenu linux unix extension
5 .0
Jul 27 2009


GnoMenu Skins by clkinder1
menu gnomenu linux unix extension
5 .0
Dec 05 2009

mint box

GnoMenu Skins by lsdlive
menu gnomenu linux unix extension
5 .0
Apr 08 2011

METROux for Peppermint Ubuntu & EEEpc

GnoMenu Skins by COLOH
distribution "Peppermint" with LXDE on a 1024x600 resolution, Runs fast with the atom processor on a EeePC
menu gnomenu linux unix extension
5 .0
Dec 10 2014


GnoMenu Skins by jmsoviet
botón azul ya subido antes pero sin previsualizacion
menu gnomenu linux unix extension
5 .0
Nov 26 2010

MX Linux App Menu In Color

Icon Sub-Sets by isylumn
A custom MX Linux application menu
mx linux menu unix iconset
5 .0
Apr 24 2019