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Distros by Zecas
A great Linux distribution translated in more than 100 languages. - Live media allows to install
6 .0
Aug 12 2019

Oxygen Crystal Diamond Look And Feel

Global Themes by gericom
needed and color scheme. PS: Arch Linux, Netrunner, Manjaro and other Arch-based distros can use
look-and-feel linux unix kde plasma theme plasma5 oxygen crystal
7 .4
May 03 2019

UIFlat GTK themes

GTK3 Themes by freefreeno
that are in my opinion the best icons hands down for Linux. They can found here: You
linux unix theme gnome gtk3 gtk kdeplasma plasma5 plasma
6 .6
May 21 2019

Fluent Plasma Theme Set

Plasma Themes by freefreeno
dark. I am adding an Arch Linux logo that you can put in the /usr/share/about-distro file
linux unix theme kde plasma kdeplasma plasma5
6 .0
May 17 2019

Forest Green

KDE Plasma Screenshots by axionl
My Arch Linux laptop theme.
linux unix screenshot kde plasma plasma5
5 .8
Jun 13 2018