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Yaru Plus 4.0

Full Icon Themes by Magog64
the README file at my GitHub respository. [color=#02a170][b]✱ Arch Linux:[/b][/color] trizen -S yaru-plus
linux unix icon-theme suru suru-plus yaru yaru-plus
7 .8
Aug 08 2020

Suru Plus 25.2 Dark

Full Icon Themes by gusreis1989
[img][/img] Please click in this index and also see what is new in the icons theme above! [color=#0ad3a5][b]INDEX[/b][/color] [color=#00f260][b]✱[/b][/color] [url=]Installing with...
suru suru-icons suru-plus telinkrin linux unix icon-theme
8 .1
Mar 18 2019

Suru++ Telinkrin

Full Icon Themes by gusreis1989
.md]For users of Ubuntu 16.04.4, Ubuntu 18.04, Kali Linux and any new Debian-derived distributions.[/url
suru-icons suru-plus telinkrin suru linux unix icon-theme
8 .4
Jul 09 2018