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GDM DebianLD Red

KDM3 Themes by rufuseddy
. I took the original idea from the Novell Linux Desktop GDM Theme. Hope you like it and if you dont
linux unix
5 .0
Dec 06 2004

Pardus KDE Login

KDM3 Themes by sonageldik
it for Pardus GNU/Linux. I love it so much so i share it with you. Pardus install: kdmtheme program install
linux unix
5 .0
Jul 23 2007

SuSE 9.2 Splash

KDM3 Themes by vdboor
. To upgrade KDE, add the following mirror to your installation sources:
linux unix
5 .0
Jul 04 2005

Pulsar KDM Theme

KDM3 Themes by stimpy23
: Don't know who made this.. ( Ubuntu Icon: by iuliux (http://www.kde
linux unix
5 .0
Mar 30 2006