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Constellation Suite

Wallpapers Linux/Tux by ptalfred
[color=#020052][b]Constellation Suite - Openbox Edition [/b] from Noble Series[/color
openbox ptalfdesktop constellationsuite wallpaper artwork tux linux
6 .0
Feb 19 2020


GTK3 Themes by jasong-designs
JGD-FallSunset is a dark GTK theme collection with an orange, brown and blue color scheme. An optional icon theme is also available from the GitHub repo! [b]Download/Installation[/b] Download and Installation instructions for the themes and icons are at GitHub:...
gtk3 gtk2 openbox metacity xfwm4 linux unix theme gnome
5 .6
Nov 26 2019

Neon Knights tint2

tint2 by ju1464
tint2 to match [url=]Neon Knights Openbox.[/url] Recommended
linux unix extension tint2 neon openbox
5 .0
Sep 04 2019

Star Wars

Openbox Screenshots by fromsi65
Star Wars theme for openbox and .Xresources
linux unix screenshot openbox
5 .0
Apr 06 2019

School Material

Full Icon Themes by schoolmaterialbob
for xfce, openbox, lxde, or any X based menu or desktop system currently. Support for gnome has been added
material xfce openbox dark-theme gnome linux unix icon-theme
8 .5
May 28 2019

912 - tint2

tint2 by clemencyworld1
A simple tint2 theme.
tint2 linux openbox sawfish unix extension
5 .0
Apr 02 2019

Nooto Tint2

tint2 by Hazuki
: I generally prefer Fluxbox to Openbox, but it seems
linux unix extension nooto kalushary tint2 openbox
5 .8
Nov 01 2018


GTK3 Themes by reorr
Warna is gtk theme based on fantome You can create it with your own colorscheme using warnai
linux unix theme gnome gtk3 gtk2 xfwm openbox
7 .2
Nov 28 2018

obtgen Variants Xfwm

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes by malysps
I've ported to Xfwm some Openbox themes from obtgen by Fikri Omar, you can see the original here
linux unix openbox obtgen xfwm port spass
5 .8
Jun 28 2018


GTK3 Themes by willscreel
v2.0 =================================== Now with OB Support!! v1.1 =================================== Same as v1.0 with some minor changes. v1.0 =================================== Now that I've added MATE support, I'm bumping this to v1.0. Also, I've added a dark variant.
mate metacity openbox linux unix theme gnome gtk3
6 .9
Jun 20 2018