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Utilities by Upgreyed
ddCopy writes bootable iso image files * Makes a bootable CD/DVD * Makes a bootable USB key * Formats a USB key
debian-package redhat-rpm source-package
5 .8
Sep 13 2020

Inxi Gui

Utilities by Upgreyed
Inxi gui shows system hardware, CPU, drivers, Xorg, Desktop, kernel, GCC version, processes, RAM usage and more...
debian-package source-package redhat-rpm
5 .0
May 05 2019


Utilities by TheAssassin
AppImageLauncher makes your Linux desktop AppImage ready™. By installing it, you won't ever have to worry about AppImages again. You can always double click them without making them executable first, just like you should be able to do nowadays. You can integrate AppImages with a single mouse...
redhat-rpm debian-package suse-rpm arch-package
7 .2
Apr 09 2018