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Global Themes by phob1an
Just a bit of retro fun. Feedback is welcome. If install fails, download and run this http
retro win95 linux unix theme kde plasma look-and-feel
7 .9
Sep 12 2020

Retro Gotham

Conky by ABOhiccups
I change the font to Retro Computer Font for Date and Time. I also match the color from Arch Linux
retro gotham clock specs blue linux unix extension conky
6 .0
Aug 10 2020

Pandora glowing theme

GTK3 Themes by nestort
(surfaces) are dark green. It's based on Materia. This theme fits well for retro, retrowave (aka
pandora retro xfwm4 gtk3 dark linux unix theme gnome
6 .6
Jun 21 2020

Xfce ClassicLooks

GTK3 Themes by isiisorisiaint
Xfce ClassicLooks is a linux/freebsd retro-theme focused on providing a consistent look across all
linux unix theme gnome gtk3 gtk2 classic retro uniform
8 .6
Mar 28 2020

Retro CRT Commodore

Konsole Color Schemes by Sandrone
A retro crt Commodore 64 like for Konsole. Monochromatic. Place image background in your user's
addon retro crt vintage c64 old
5 .0
Feb 22 2020

Retro CRT Terminal

Konsole Color Schemes by Sandrone
A retro crt terminal style for Konsole. Place image background in your user's home or edit
retro crt terminals old vintage addon
5 .0
Feb 22 2020

Ubuntu Retro Paralines

Wallpapers Ubuntu by Sandrone
Vintage style, minimalist.
linux ubuntu wallpaper vintage retro artwork
6 .7
Feb 11 2020

Ubuntu Retro '80

Wallpapers Ubuntu by Sandrone
A vintage background of an Ubuntu version of the 80's. It's just an experiment, I love the style and colors of those years.
wallpaper artwork ubuntu linux vintage retro
5 .0
Feb 10 2020

Plasma Retro Arcade Wallpaper

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by Sandrone
Retro Arcade wallpaper for KDE Plasma.
wallpaper artwork plasma kde arcade retro kdeplasma
5 .0
Feb 14 2020

Retro NEON Distros Wallpaper

Wallpapers Linux/Tux by Sandrone
Retro '80s neon wallpaper and logos of some distributions.
wallpaper artwork tux linux distro retro neon
5 .0
Feb 12 2020