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Mojave Dark

Kvantum 30 comments

by Luwx
Score 83.6%
Feb 26 2019
I'm trying to set this kvantum theme and everything if fine except for background of Dolphin:

Why happens? Thanks! - Nov 06 2018
Hi Luwx,

Could you post the light version as i seen in another screenshot? Thanks - Aug 14 2018
OSX Layout

Latte Layouts 12 comments

by Luwx
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Aug 04 2018
Thanks for your reply, Luwx.

- I adjusted the aparency inside Widget Style -> Configure -> Transparency but shows the same Transparency in the top bar. Are you refering to this option?
- Thanks for the icon, and i will await the better plasma support.
- Your font has been patched to enable emoji support or you know how to do? Because i cannot see with this font (but with others i can see)
- Last question. I have problem with Global Menu. I only see the application name and icon, and i checked configuration of Active Window Control and got Application Menu enabled. But, if i add 'Global Menu' Widget i can see global menu, but duplicated (one from Active Window and one from 'Global Menu' widget. If i remove the last one, both disappears. Do you know why? - Aug 05 2018
Hi, can i ask a few questions?

- As i see, your transparency of the top bar is most opaque than mine with the same theme. How i can adjust this?
- What is your icon pack?
- Can you share an screenshot of the settings of font settings? To see sizes and option of each font
- Could you share the icon of uswitcher?

Thanks for your effort - Aug 05 2018