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Nov 15 2005
well I don't know if there are ebuilds for Gentoo, actually, for what I know, there are rpm packages released by some distro vendors. I released only the tar.bz2 format for space saving and because I use slackware ;-) - Sep 13 2005
Hi Roberto,
you pointed out problems, that I'm trying to solve. I know that moving through the line of the editors is a bit tricky, so I'm thinking to replace input/output editors with a sort of mini electronic sheet of two colums and N rows. This way should simplify both implementation and usability. User will see each line clearly separated and keyboard editing should be more simple. For now I added two DCOP methods to permit user to send data to kalcoolus/ and receive data from it, it could be usefull for example, if you want to copy data to/from a text file opened with kate.
However stay tuned and thank for the hints :-) if you find bugs please let me know. - Jun 29 2005
Ok, but in a certain way kalcoolus has a command line; I added a tab page in wich user can add it own functions code. I'm not saying that GUI and command line are orthogonal, I'm saying that looking to physical calculator is not bad. Using a GUI implies to put constraints to user actions, these constraints are not negatives, they build a familiar work environment and prevent user to make mystakes. And if something is not so familiar, people can consult manuals. With a single button kalcoolus save all your preferences and user defined items in a database and reload them from one session to another. Kalcoolus now has syntax highlighting, well I implemented this feature in 20 minutes! But if people need more flexibility, then they open a terminal and use bc interactively. Perhaps the word frontend is not totally correct, actually kalcoolus uses bc as engine, and try to extend its capabilities when needed(I'm planning other features that bc does not have). I think this is not a wrong approach; old approach yes, but not wrong. - Mar 16 2005
I accept criticism. Yes perhaps my approach is wrong, but consider that the kcalc interface is very familiar, for historic reasons, to most users. I would simply create a graphic tool that uses bc as an engine and that looks familiar to kde users. When I rewrote KFilereplace, some user told me that a command line utility like find is enough... yes, it is, but I found that much users like KFilereplace... I think kalcoolus will be usefull though it "wrong" design. - Mar 09 2005
I'm sorry, I don't understand spanish :-(, could you repeat in english or italian? :-) - Mar 08 2005