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sero sero , Colombia
Karamba & Superkaramba
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Emesene Monochrome Icon Theme

Icon Themes 6 comments

by 6Sero
Rating: 7.3
Jun 14 2010
Thanks for the comments :)...

and actually i'm not planning doing an ambiance theme. However the svg source file has been included in the tarball... just change the color schema using inkscape and based on any 22px Ubuntu-Mono-Light app icon ;) - Jun 18 2010
MDS`lcf` Theme

XMMS Skins 4 comments

Rating: 6.9
Apr 16 2010
awesomee... how did you get xmms? building from source :S ? - May 23 2010
Love turns dark

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

by 6Sero
Rating: 6.2
Nov 24 2009
hahah thanks to u for ur comment ;) - Dec 02 2009
Burner (fire edition)

K3b Themes 2 comments

by Fri13
Rating: 7.9
Aug 26 2010
hey nice job <:
i like it, maybe i create my own k3b theme, see ya :D - Jun 14 2009
Tiny Tux Clean Monitor

Karamba & Superkaramba 3 comments

by 6Sero
Rating: 7.3
Jun 14 2009
first at all you must uncompress the file downloaded, then you must load the .theme file with superkaramba, to load the .theme file just open your superkaramba aplication and click on add button, then search for the .theme file ;)

thanks for the comment, i'll write the installation tip in the main content. see ya - Jun 14 2009
Crunchy Branch

Wallpaper Other
by bitblitter

Rating: 6.7
Jul 25 2010
A dreamer

Wallpaper Other
by alexabney

Rating: 7.2
Jul 25 2010