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Abdulelah Al Jeffery
Flat Remix GNOME/Ubuntu/GDM theme

Gnome Shell Themes 198 comments

Score 89.5%
Nov 10 2019
Is this how it looks?! :( - Nov 07 2015
I really loved your theme, it showed the good taste you have in design. The only reason I'm not using it now is actually the coloring. Even though I used numix with it, still when I click on the clock in the middle top, the full date shows in a very pale green font that is hard to read, also when inserting a USB the small pop-up window down the screen shows with white background and a light grey font that is not very clear; and when hitting the power key, I'd say it would be better if the options "Power off", "Restart", "Cancel" had background color like in Copernico Theme that admittedly did a great job in accounting for all these issues, but still not as good as yours. Last thing when hitting super key and start typing to lunch an app, there's no background color on the resulting applications!! don't get me wrong, I really admire the work you've done, you're just an inch away from the crown :) - Sep 11 2015

GTK3 Themes 49 comments

Score 75.1%
Mar 04 2016
This GTK theme doesn't appear to work on elementary OS after extracting it on ~/.themes folder! any trick/fix?! - Sep 10 2015
Copernico Theme

Gnome Shell Themes 31 comments

Score 80.0%
Feb 25 2018
Awesome! you have a good taste in design man (thumps up!) - May 14 2015
I'm using ubuntu 15.04 and I just checked the gnome-shell version. It's 3.14.4, not 3.16! so that could be the reason? - May 12 2015
I did as you said. The icons are fine, the theme is great, but this is how the window dialogue looks - May 11 2015
OK, so I figured out how to install the icons, they were supposed to be unpacked in ust/share/icons dir. But still the windows (like the one in your preview) is not loaded? any special directory? - May 10 2015
I downloaded the .zip folder, extracted it in usr/share/themes directory, and also did the same with the icons .tar.gz file. When I select your theme in Tweak Tool, I don't see the icons changed? or even appear in the drop down menus?? any idea how to fix that? - May 10 2015