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ajit bansode PUNE, India

Various Gnome Theming 314 comments

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Nov 15 2010
You are back, such a relief! :)
Desperately waiting for next release.
Suggestion -
- If Unity can be tweaked in dock or so. - May 13 2011
Hi Bagley,
I am great admirer of your work and please don't pay attention to such comments.
A linux user definitely won't mind to change the theme of it's desktop to Mac or Windows or anything else.

According to me, your work shows how Linux is better than others.
Please keep up the good work. - Jan 17 2011
when you click on your desktop and then click on places in global menu it shows so many repetitive entries in it.
Is there a workaround to fix this?

You can check the desktop recording here - Nov 09 2010
The title changed to "not working. :) - Oct 21 2010
I am getting sound only for Login window.
I enabled "window and button sounds" but still nothing is happening.
I am on Ubuntu 10.10 32bit fresh installation (not upgraded). - Oct 21 2010
Many thanks. - Oct 19 2010
"File Browser" on docky doesn't work.
Any pointers? - Oct 17 2010
I got it now.
I just needed to change "/usr/share/icons/default/index.theme" to Macbuntu-Cursors.
Now it's working. :) - Oct 14 2010
I am not getting your workaround here.
Can you please explain? - Oct 14 2010
Mouse pointer automatically changes to default "DMZ white" when I hover it on Oracle Virtualbox window and/or Netbeans Window.
Don't know whether it's for all "java/Sun" Windows? :)
I have installed (not upgraded) Ubuntu 10.10 and then installed Macbuntu on it. - Oct 14 2010
I freshly installed Ubuntu 10.10 (didn't upgrade) on my laptop.
And then I installed Macbuntu 10.10.
I think fonts are not getting installed properly.
I see same "Ubuntu" font in my font settings.
Am I missing something? - Oct 12 2010
Thanks a lot.
It worked. - Oct 07 2010
I am not sure whether it's an issue or acceptable behavior.
I have extended desktop with twin-view.
I can see Global Menu only for applications running on primary desktop.

In snpshot: (
You can see Global Menu for Terminal even if active window is Exaile. - Sep 28 2010
This is exactly what I want.
Actually the "" is for Mac platform only.
I use Nimbus look and feel but it's OK.
I want something close to "" for Ubuntu platform.

And if you use "GTK" look and feel with MacBuntu enabled, it's quite ugly. :( - Sep 23 2010
Just wanted to know if we have any Mac like Java look and feel for Ubuntu.
If you start Netbeans/JConsole in ubuntu it looks very ugly with the GTK look and feel with Macbuntu theme.
If you know any Maclike Java look and feel please let me know.
- Sep 22 2010
Thanks for this.
But somehow I don't know how to enable sounds for trash and system shut-down.
Otherwise everything is working fine. - Sep 20 2010
I also don't know about .theme file.
So I just renamed files that I want and put it in "/usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/stereo" dir. :) - Sep 15 2010
It would be really gr8 if you add sound theme in Macbuntu.
I think Mac4Lin has sound theme support.
I had used Mac4Lin before but Macbuntu rocks.

Please try to add it.


Cheers. - Sep 14 2010
This is Macbuntu is just awesome.
Please keep it updated.
Release updates periodically.
I'm lovin it :) - Sep 09 2010

Various Gnome Theming
by bagley

Score 75.8%
Sep 15 2010

Various Gnome Theming
by bagley

Score 75.8%
9   Nov 18 2010