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GTK2 Themes 314 comments

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Nov 15 2010
Is there a x64 version for g2gm patch? - Dec 22 2010

Cursors 53 comments

by KuduK
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Jun 28 2011
can't download it, link appears to be broken! - Oct 04 2010
Win2-7 Pack

Icon Themes 1739 comments

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Aug 23 2017
Say dart00 you may want to try this out!...

Hopefully it will work, it might be all you need to fix the issue.

Check this link!... - Sep 23 2010
What up guys!

Say, did you tried the windows 7 plymouth theme I told you about?... also are you going to package it with your next release of win2-7-pack? - Sep 21 2010
this is a link for the windows 7 Plymouth theme, so all of you can install it.
Instructions are very easy, and fast (for ubuntu and fedora).

Hopefully Juan and his Partner can add this plymouth theme also to the next Win2-7-Pack, it'll be great.

I'm telling you guys it is good, it the original! check it out... - Sep 11 2010
Excellent guys!...

I too like Gnome a lot, because it is really simple but efficient, its tools like Juan said, and It doesn't waste lots of resources (well at least 9.04 and 9.10 versions didn't, 10.04 it's a little heavier. don't know if it's Gnome's fault or Ubuntu's ), but I too love KDE4 beauty, Plasma, and I think it is a bit more polished Environment than Gnome, And of course because of that perhaps little more heavy than gnome.
So I was using gnome, but it was acting a little laggy, so I switched to Kubuntu, reinstall everything, and for my surprise, KDE's been doing very gentile (it's not as laggy as Gnome is! Woot!!!). So If you guys could do a theme for plasma, It will be really Wonderful.

Thanks!!! - Aug 21 2010
Hola Juan, solo quería decirte que esta muy chido tu trabajo! (windows 7 theme) y que me agrada mucho!. Ya lo instale a dos amigos, y aparte lo tengo en mi PC, pero quería saber si pudieras hacer un fork del mismo, pero para KDE, ya que estoy cambiando ah KDE, y pues voy a extrañar tu theme.
Hay una persona que hizo uno similar, que se llama vistar7 y aki es la direccion:...
pero yo en lo personal creo que tu trabajo esta mucho mejor y es mas funcional, ojala y pudieras sacar una version de KDE, te aseguro que muchas personas te lo agradecerian y serias mucho mas famoso aun!...

Ok, muchas gracias.

Hi John, just wanted to tell you that your work is very cool! (Windows 7 theme) and I like a lot!. I've installed to two friends, and besides I have it on my PC, but I wanted to know if you could make a fork of it, but for KDE, since I'm switching to KDE, so I'm going to miss your theme.
There's a person who made a similar, called vistar7 and here is the address: ...
but I personally believe that your work is much better and is more functional, and hopefully could get a version of KDE, I assure you that many people would appreciate you and you will be even more famous! ...

Ok, thank you very much. - Aug 20 2010
I'm not following you where exactly to add this,"- Add: (name=gimmie_applet) | (name=gnome-panel) | (type=Menu | PopupMenu | DropdownMenu | Dialog | ModalDialog)" rule, I know what to do with the rest, but not this rule,..
any help?... Please! - Jul 31 2010
I'm not following you where exactly to add this,"- Add: (name=gimmie_applet) | (name=gnome-panel) | (type=Menu | PopupMenu | DropdownMenu | Dialog | ModalDialog)" rule, I know what to do with the rest, but not this rule,..
any help?... Please! - Jul 31 2010
Windows 7 Lookalike Plymouth Theme

Plymouth Themes 21 comments

by Moony
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May 27 2011
This is also a complete Windows 7 theme...:

they haven't make one for kde, but this one for Gnome rocks!!! - Sep 11 2010
Good it rocks! - Sep 11 2010
Windows 7 clone

Gnome Screenshots 14 comments

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May 08 2009
--Good Job My friend, I would like to try it. How can I do that! - Jul 28 2009
Freeze much?

Wallpaper Other

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Oct 04 2010
by brain
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Oct 04 2010


by Whise
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Aug 04 2009
Fortune - BURG Theme

GRUB Themes

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Dec 27 2012

Icon Themes

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Nov 26 2010