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Attila Balint Corunca, Romania

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Nov 08 2006
There is a ebuild for fuse build 20061017 to which is necessary to build kfuseiso:

I've tried it on my machine... it works like a charm ;)

If you don't know how to install a 3rd party ebuild on you gentoo box follow this tutorial:

Keep it safe... keep it Gentoo!
X - Nov 14 2006
Hello Getoo users!

I've made an ebuild if you want for this build. 20061108

You can find it here: - Nov 14 2006

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by Viras
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Jul 31 2010
Hello Viras!
Nice program. I really appreciate it.If it's possible I would like to propose the following:
If the programmer is started an icon is placed in the system tray and when the window is visible a tab appears in the taskbar too. Could it be possible to remove the one from the taskbar? It's really unnecessary.

PS: As suggested, a grib would really pimp up the program ;)

Thank you for your support!

...oh and thanx for the ebuild! - Nov 05 2006

Plasma Themes
by AdrienV

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Nov 13 2011

Plasma Themes
by AdrienV

Score 69.6%
9   Nov 13 2011
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