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Abhijeet Singh , India
Windows 7

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles 3 comments

Score 41.1%
Apr 20 2013
Nice, but its not kde, is it? - Apr 20 2013

Plasma/KDE Screenshots 2 comments

by justi
Score 58.6%
Apr 10 2013
Very Nice!
Could you post the details, specifically the plasma theme and widgets used? - Apr 11 2013
Yet Another Window Control

Plasma 4 Widgets 59 comments

Score 82.0%
May 08 2012
Fantastic app. It feels like i was waiting for it for ages.

Now a question: Is there a way to change the alignment of title? I mean a way to change it from left justified (the current setting) to right justified (or centre) with respect to the whole plasmoid, in case you want to put it on the right most side of the panel. - Jul 09 2012
Faenza Variants

Individual Icons/-sets 25 comments

by spg76
Score 77.7%
Nov 24 2010
Congrats on great work!
Also, can i request an icon for valknut, or better, a little guidance to do it myself :) - Nov 25 2010

GTK2 Themes 337 comments

Score 77.5%
Jan 13 2011
I am not very versed in gtk theme design, but i want to get a square selected menu item (like the option available in tabs). Would replacing the Menu/menuitem.png with image of same resolution work? Which one should i use Tabs/htab.png or Tabs/vtab.png? - Nov 10 2010
Fantastic theme pack! From the screenshots i thought it would be pretty heavy on resources, but its definitely not! Congrats. :)

Also, could you please tell me what media player you are using in the 3rd screenshot? - Nov 10 2010
My KDE desktop

Plasma/KDE Screenshots 7 comments

by zammi
Score 58.0%
Dec 16 2008
Great looking desktop!!
Which colour scheme is this? And could you please share your bespin preset. - Feb 05 2009

Plasma/KDE Screenshots
by justi

Score 58.6%
9   Apr 11 2013