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Jie Wu Nanjing, China

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by KuduK
Score 75.1%
Jun 28 2011
Perfect. Thank you so much! :D - Jan 19 2011
Thank you for the great work.
One more request is, sorry(:-|), to resize the Arch theme to 25x25 style, as Ecliz-small theme did. Or you might send me the source of Arch cursor theme, I'll convert them by myself. :)

Jie - Jan 19 2011

Ecliz is my favorite curse theme for my openbox. Would you like to add the colorPack with the color scheme used by ArchLinux logo? If you have no spare time to work on it, just forget it. Thank you so much. :D
- Jan 18 2011
Arch Cursor Theme (simple)

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Score 82.5%
Dec 08 2010
Just the text selection 'I' is too big. Did you fix it then? Thanks for your work. - Jan 04 2011

Fluxbox Themes 5 comments

by endel
Score 58.0%
Feb 20 2009
I'v never seen fluxbox theme like this. Excellent work, man. :D - Mar 02 2009

by KOLYA56

Score 74.0%
Sep 02 2011
Score 73.5%
Sep 02 2011