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Alexander Darovsky
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Aug 30 2011
I think that would be enough to remove netwm.cpp from Qt4 should handle semi-transparent app icons properly.

I have fixed that on mercurial repository. - Aug 30 2011
Please get the last snapshot from hg repository.

Or include <memory> header. Also you will need to include <stdlib.h> in syntax.cpp. - Aug 30 2011
I found bug which causes FSME crash. It is fixed and new tarball have been uploaded. Use and enjoy! - Nov 05 2004

This program is not intended to be only a demo. Many things can be modeled with FSM, not only parsers/regular expressions!

FSM in FSME is more UML State Diagram rather automata from Dragon Book. This means you can create Finite State Machine, which acts as object reacting some Events and producing some Actions.

For example, there are 2 FSM in FSME itself: Manipulator handler and View manager. - Nov 04 2004

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Jul 02 2006
Thanks. I like it as my background, and decided to share :) - Jul 02 2006