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Mar 22 2009
Well, it looks like it may be a download problem! I pulled up one of the HTML files in firefox, and this what I got:

It might help to add that just the downloaded lyrics don't display correctly--the 音楽 at the bottom displays perfectly fine:

Lyrics Workshop additional information:
fetched from: goo 音楽
url lyrics
url artist

I tried changing the storage method to something other than "xml, html" but it doesn't save the preference when I close the window. There's no confirm button visible either:

The window overall looks a little odd, I even tried tabbing through the options and resizing the window to find if there was an "OK" button. - Mar 23 2009
Here's what I got

harold@ajisai:~$ locale

That might be the case with 4.4 since that's what I'm using... (4.4.3)

I tried your new script, which looks fantastic by the way, but it has the same problem as this script when it comes to displaying the lyrics correctly! - Mar 23 2009
I'm using Version 2.0.1

Those lyrics were fetched from goo.

I'm not exactly sure what character encoding I am using... Perhaps UTF-8, but I'm not sure how to check it. I'm running Amarok 2 without ever having to download KDE in full. I will install that and see if that fixes the problem. I find it odd that it displays the lyrics perfectly for half a second then breaks it down to HTML encodings.

Or maybe there is something I'm overlooking? - Mar 21 2009
Thank you so much, this is the exact kind of script I have been looking for in a long time. Unfortunately, even though I was able to install your script and use it, the lyrics that I get go from readable Japanese text to this kind of stuff within a split second of being displayed:

Do you have an idea of what the problem might be? - Mar 21 2009