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Alexander G.G. Tbilisi, Georgia

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Aug 03 2009
Yes, seem you are really "open minded" person and the greatest Linux hacker ever. Thank you very much for being so kind to teach us dumbnubs (or how you call me and others who have some questions?). What could we know about the Chrome and Cromium if not such persons like you. You are right. I should not be offended if you call me "dumbnub" and "n00b", cause that is so kind from you. Yes, I'm very ubusive person. But, be so kind (ooh, great master of Linux) and forgive as dumnubs.

Such "open minded" persons" like you make me to hate Linux soon. Thank you very much. - Jan 06 2010
Look here. I get tired from such comments. No one have the right to call me nub, dumbnub, noob or something like that. Or maybe you think that this is not abusive and offensive? I've tolled him several times to be polite. Now you decide to teach me the politeness? Very strange people are here. - Jan 04 2010
Are you stupid? I'm talking about Chrome which is available for Linux, not Chromium. - Jan 03 2010
"Support for Chromium's GTK theming" makes violet the skin's header.

Next time be polite if you know the meaning of this word. - Dec 31 2009
Would be nice to have the suitable theme for Google Chrome. - Dec 25 2009
One of the best themes I ever have used. Thank you!!! - May 01 2009

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Sep 25 2009
Just perfect. A lot of thanks. :) - May 23 2009
Yes, it's fixed now. Thank you very much. :) - May 10 2009
Thank you very much for this update. :) - May 08 2009

First of all, thank you for this great icons theme. I'm using it with your Shiki-Colors theme. As you know, there is a new link to "Examles" folder in Ubuntu Jauntys home folder. In default Human icons theme it is represented as an arrow. When I installed Gnome-Colors I found that this icon is missed. It will be very nice from you to add the missing icon.

Some words about the Shiki-Colors: I'm using the Murrine version. It looks absolutely great. I like that now the default metacity theme has no stripe and the striped version is included in the pack as an optional feature. Thank you very much for making such beatiful stuff. :) - May 03 2009
Yes, the colors are in a different order, but this do not change the associations.
Thank you very much. Now I know how to remove that icon. This is a best theme for a Gnome. Thanks a lot. :) - Jul 31 2008
I love this icons an today I have updated to the new version. But, I was surprised to see the new icon of the start (applications) menu. This 4 dots or cubes look like the modified logo of Windows.
Because of that terrible icon, I uninstall the new version completely and installed the previous version again (with Ubuntu logo at my PC). - Jul 31 2008
Oxygen-Refit 2 - Orange Version

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Jun 23 2008
Great icons. Thanks. :) - Aug 03 2008
Very friendly wallpaper ]:>

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Jul 24 2008
Ha-ha. Looks nice. - Jul 24 2008

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Apr 29 2008
Nice themes and icons. Thanks. - Jul 23 2008

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by perfectska04

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May 02 2009

GTK2 Themes
by perfectska04

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May 02 2009