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Alexander Andersen Aalborg, Denmark
Paranoid GDM

GDM Themes 9 comments

Rating: 7.0
Aug 28 2008
How do I install this? :) - Feb 21 2015

Gnome Shell Themes 3 comments

Rating: 5.8
Jan 13 2015
can you tell me where in the gnome-shell.css you define the panel color? have been trying to change it slightly, but cant find the correct setting.

all in all a very nice theme! - Feb 21 2015
xenlism : minimalism

Gnome Shell Themes 55 comments

Rating: 6.9
May 04 2018
I especially like the way everything becomes more light. Was wondering if maybe it was possible to transfer the effect you made in the Activities Overview to another theme?
I'm trying to find the part in the gnome-shell.css but I am really not sure how to, or if it is even possible? Can you help me with this? - Feb 09 2015

Gnome Shell Themes 38 comments

by golan
Rating: 6.8
Aug 04 2015
, but is there any way to remove the grey background that appears when I enter the activities overview? - Feb 08 2015

Gnome Shell Themes 20 comments

Rating: 7.0
Dec 01 2011
I really like the way it looks in the screenshots, but when I install it my icons in the panel have almost the same color as the panel, which means I can hardly see them.. How to change their color? - Feb 08 2015