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A. A.Lizard

Audio Extractors/Converters 606 comments

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Oct 01 2017
The problem goes beyond desktop integration. When converting a batch of flvs to mp3s, the filename starts as Unknown , the next file is Unknown , and it keeps incrementing by adding a .new to the filename until it runs out of files. There may be another problem, but I want to verify it before reporting it.

I suggest cautioning packagers to make it unavailable for KDE4.2.2 or later installations until you have a KDE4.2.2 version. The package I used was installed on Kubuntu 9.0.4 Jaunty with KDE4.2.2 .

On 3.5.10, it's a great program, I'm using it right now on my desktop. I look forward to seeing it working correctly on 4.2.2 . - May 06 2009

System Software 88 comments

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Nov 07 2006
a big issue for my intended use, which is on demand only, to a local mirror drive that is removed and unplugged when a backup cycle is not taking place.

thanks - Oct 28 2006
is the new version with the "one hour backup fixed" released yet? BTW, what is the bug you're referring to? Is it critical for ordinary use?

thanks - Oct 18 2006