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Conky HTC Home (UPDATED)

Conky 11 comments

by mucas
Score 67.1%
Jan 26 2012
I saw on deviant art where someone had customized it the original to have sys info on it as well in a third panel below the forecast panel he however did not upload his config files I like this feature could it be easily added in don't really know how to do the config.
- Nov 24 2012
Azenis Burg Theme

GnoMenu Skins 1 comment

Score 50.0%
Nov 12 2012
Will be updating package to have corrected grey zorinos 6 icon its sized wrong and has smudge due to dropshadow will be inputting icons for pmagic and clonezilla to use with the alternative isoboot menu which one can easily add iso boots from super-boot-manager just having issues right now with mint13 freezing when using gimp prob going to install sbm to zorin its stable as is ultimate edition
- Nov 15 2012