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Qt Components 16 comments

by ayoy
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Aug 01 2010
does anyone have any clue why on qoauth it creates qoauth1.lib but tries to link the tests against qoauth.lib? (without the "1") ? - Mar 13 2011

Education Apps 148 comments

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Sep 18 2019
This would be unrespectful with the maintainer of Semantik, I'm not as experient as him so I respect his opinion.

Semantik is a wonderful app, and the Linux deserves to have such app exclusively for it, especially if the one who developed it for years want so.

I don't want to cause any kind of confusion and don't want to impair the development this great app.

I would like to ask others also to __NOT__ try to port it. Please do not insist.

If you really need a similar free tool for windows google for "flo mindmapping", don't expect it to have as many features as semantik. - Apr 25 2010
In respect to Semantik's developer opinion, I will not try porting Semantik to ms windows anymore.

Thanks a lot for such great app. - Sep 06 2009
after a few dirty changes ( such as changing references to aux.h [not a valid filename on windows] to _aux.h, forcing waf to find the correct Qt , ocaml and KDE paths, commenting out references to X11 etc..) most objects compile, but when compiling semantik.cpp to .o g++ hangs...

does anyone have a clue about that? - Sep 05 2009
there shouldn't be this kind of restriction as python, gcc, ocaml and kde works fine on windows. - Aug 05 2009
when trying to run python waf configure:
error: Semantik cannot work on win32, please install a Linux system from

:( - Aug 05 2009
are there plans for an official binary package of Semantik for mswindows? Windows has no such great tool :) - Aug 03 2009

Education Apps
by ita256

Score 68.0%
Sep 05 2009