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DockbarX Themes 997 comments

by M7S
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Jun 24 2014
Ah! I hadn't thought of the behavior from the same view point as you did.

well if you can indeed change the behavior (gray vs. non-grey, box vs. no box) by making a new theme, I'll see if I can't modify one to suit my tastes :D

(You can, right?) - Oct 29 2009
Is it possible to change the behavior of DockbarX's window representation?

I find the current configuration:
box around icon = launcher/program closed
no box & grey icon = running+minimized
no box & color icon = running+maximized
a bit counter intuitive.

Is it possible to change this behavior by creating a different theme? I'd prefer behavior that more closely mimics the windows 7 bar:
no box & color icon = launcher
box & color icon = program running
(I think there is no need to differentiate between minimized and maximized because you can see that directly by the window being displayed)

More than windows 7, this behavior mimics what users are used to in a normal Gnome session. No box and plain icon on your bar represents a launcher. A program icon/name with a box around it represents a running program/window.

Thanks! - Oct 28 2009

Conky 930 comments

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Oct 17 2013
What gnome theme are you using? I'd like to get my panel-bar looking plastic/translucent like that.

Thanks! - May 18 2009

GTK2 Themes 663 comments

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Aug 03 2009
I liked that screenshot. How does one enable gradients? - Apr 17 2009
Perhaps I missed this among the plethora of great *-colors themes - but it would be nice to have a "half-way shiki" theme. By that I mean, the title bar remains dark as in shiki, but the "File/Edit/View/etc" "bar" is grey. A kind of Murrine/Shiki-Colors hybrid.

I have a feeling I've seen this somewhere, but a quick search revealed nothing. - Mar 17 2009
Beautiful. Thanks :) - Mar 04 2009
Could you upload the .msstyle that helps blend wine applications with shiki to this gnome-look page so that those of us who are interested could use it?

Thank you very much! :) - Feb 28 2009
I agree.

Maybe purple too? - Feb 28 2009
Do you know of any windows themes (msstyles) that match the coloring of shiki? I'm running various apps in Wine and they have the stock windows-95 coloring for all of the applications. It doesn't match well. However, you can load any windows theme file you want and I am hoping that one exists, or that it would be easy enough for you to whip a matching one up?

Either way, thanks for the amazing theme sets, I use them every day and love them. :) - Feb 10 2009
Thanks for the responses. I've checked those links and you're right. Things work properly now :)

As for Emerald, you can add more effects to the window theme on top of whatever the theme defaults to (such as making it look glassy) which is why some people may prefer it. However with your themes they tend to look better flat, so I'll enjoy the metacity/SVN theme :)

Again, thanks for your hard work and I appreciate the rapid response. I look forward to seeing what you come up with next! - Nov 12 2008
Love the Colorize theme set!

I've been looking at your entire set of *-colors for a while and finally tried them out. They are certainly wonderful. Keep up the great work and good luck making more themes/skins, I'd love to try them all :)

You might want to add in the readme file that the UI fonts will be changed by the colorize script. No big deal, but I noticed the fonts changed after the install without any mention in the readme. Love the new fonts though :)

In Intrepid Ibex, in the Places menu the icons for Home Folder and Desktop appear next to their text, but the icons for Documents, Music, Pictures, and Video are all missing. The icons show up in nautilus however - and my colorize installation went fine.

I didn't see the bug at the end of the install where the script hangs and I couldn't press OK. Does this mean the script isn't detecting Emerald? As I mentioned before, I'm running Intrepid Ibex and Compiz is installed and working fine. I'm not sure what the colorize script installs if it detects Emerald so I can't check if it's there or not but I'd like to have it as I love Compiz.

Thanks for all the hard work, and again, keep it up! - Nov 12 2008

Full Icon Themes 823 comments

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Sep 25 2009
I agree.

I don't very much like the font for "Please wait..." it looks too unprofessional/lazy - sorry I can't really describe it. It doesn't feel right is all especially compared to your current uSplash themes which are much more "crisp."

Anyways, keep it up! And thanks for taking my DNA strand icon idea under advisement. - Mar 16 2009
Would you consider making an icon for PAR/PAR2 files please? I don't they should share the .zip/.tar "box" icon as technically they are not really archive files and they don't even open with the same program (box icon is for archiver)

I'm far from an arty person so this is the best idea I can come up with: a DNA strand, but perhaps instead of GCAT chemical sequence or colors, use 1 and 0 instead... or not... it's the best I could come up with.

Thank you very much! - Mar 13 2009
How can I use the smileys included in this icon pack to be used by Pidgin?

It would be a great way to tie it all together (that and the pidgin stock smileys are terrible - gaim was better)

Thanks! - Feb 08 2009
GNOME-colors for gFTP

Icon Sub-Sets 2 comments

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Nov 01 2008
Just what the doctor ordered!

Thanks for the hard work! :)

You might consider copying the gnome-colors gftp.png in to your icon pack. Just use 'convert gftp.png gftp.xpm' and you're good to go! :) - Feb 05 2009
Hardy-Colors Usplash

Usplash Themes 51 comments

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May 03 2008
Sorry, I should have been more specific. I was referring to the Shiki screenshots.

Thanks for the information, I'll take a look at that post and see if I can hack my way through it or not.

:D - Nov 12 2008
I tried swapping the blue bar pngs (all 4) to the dark source file folder and making new .so's. They compiled fine and it runs on Intrepid, but the bar looks like a corrupted orange - certainly not blue nor black.

Is there something I have to do to get blue progress bars on the black usplash theme? It looks like simply swapping pngs and recompiling might not be enough.

This is my first time messing with USplash, by the way.

Thanks! - Nov 12 2008
Any Intrepid binaries out yet?

If not I'll just compile my own. I wanted to add the blue status bar to the black theme anyways ;)

Again, great work, keep it up!

(By the way, what music player is it that you use in your screenshots? It's not Exaile is it?) - Nov 12 2008

Icon Sub-Sets 10 comments

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Sep 28 2005
Few will, but it's so very nostalgic. I really enjoy them. I've thought about using these icons and trying to create a GTK & Metacity theme that resemble IRIX.

Oh, the good old days. - Nov 08 2005
Ubuntu Blue

Wallpapers Ubuntu 8 comments

by ngnr
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Nov 07 2005
No it shouldnt be.

Nice wallpaper by the way =) - Oct 30 2005