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newrez - Increase Screen Rez For Netbook

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Dec 20 2013
Actually you're wrong there - I've never used newrez before as far as I remember, but I learned about it from an (apparently outdated) article which mentioned newrez-v, plus I looked through the comments a bit for solutions. Also, slight nitpick, 12.04 (The version of Ubuntu I'm using) is not the latest, but the last long term support.

The output from the command you gave me was: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GSE Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 03)

So it seems to just be a crappy intel integrated graphics, nothing fancy.

But it could still be some odd interaction with the driver, I guess. I can get to the login screen from the crash with a Ctrl+Fn+Alt+F2 to get to another tty and pkill X. - Apr 23 2013
The crash seems to occur when the pointer leaves the original area of the screen, but I can't test now as I have important things open. The OS is Ubuntu 12.04. I don't know my video card or driver, this is a netbook. - Apr 22 2013
Not working, if my mouse leaves a certain portion of the screen it crashes. It sounds like Newrez-v would have fixed my issue, but it wasn't included in the dl. Help? - Apr 21 2013

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Oct 28 2012
Alright, here's the URL. - Oct 05 2012
Okay, It's a number of files though (I have the patch done), so I'll just tar it all up for you. - Oct 05 2012
I made my own minor tweak of this for use with Ubuntu Unity. It makes the minimize button a double left arrow. Do you want to keep it as an alternate version on this post? It doesn't seem a big enough change to warrant it's own post. Screenshot: - Oct 02 2012

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by trastes

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Oct 02 2012