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Jun 04 2019
+ - Feb 14 2019
It was ok before latest QT update which dropped 3-4 days ago.
I'm running Qt 5.12.1 and Plasma 5.14.5
Some people over reddit also reported a similar issue - Feb 09 2019
Well it's not leaking over time, from the moment I boot into my system it starts using 8 gigabytes of RAM

If I add system tray to Latte Dock then Latte uses 8 GB, if I add system tray to desktop then Plasma Shell consumes 8 GB.
Switching to breeze fixes it. I don't have any other themes installed - Feb 09 2019
On Arch Linux With latest QT update using this theme system tray consumes 8 Gigabytes of memory. Switching to Breeze theme fixes the problem. - Feb 09 2019

Plasma Themes
by phob1an

Score 75.5%
9   Feb 14 2019