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My Ubuntu 18.04 desktop Mac Os Mojave Look

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Feb 02 2019
Thank you @dayfuaim - Jun 24 2019
Thank you @jocixlinux - Jun 24 2019
Thank you so much @jeckbauer. - Jun 24 2019
In case you haven't seen my screenshot clearly, I have shown the "neofetch" command output, and its my desktop which I shared, I didn't ask anyone to do the same or follow me. Anyways thank you for comment. - Feb 05 2019
Thank you for a plus. :) - Feb 04 2019
Just go to site, login and add product, else part you will be understand which is straight forward. - Feb 04 2019
Thank you for your comment and comparison between Gnome 3.28 and 3.30. Well which is not much of the deal for me unless I see my desktop as its now. :D - Feb 04 2019
please download it from there and Global menu extension was downloaded from one github page : - Feb 03 2019
Thank you :) - Feb 03 2019
Well I tried it yesterday after your comment and I personally didn't liked the grey icons in version , I liked the old icons much in version 0.5, but thanks anyways for your comment. :) - Feb 03 2019
Thank you rating. - Feb 02 2019
Hi mnok, I have added a wallpaper in files, please download it from there and Global menu extension was downloaded from one github page : - Feb 02 2019
No actually there is no specific reason zayronXIO. I just didn't updated the version on my system. :) - Feb 02 2019
Ubuntu 18.04 Mojave Gnome desktop look

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Jul 22 2018
Thanks!! - Dec 23 2018
Thanks - Dec 23 2018
Hi nojsja,
Its an extension "Gnome global application menu". - Dec 23 2018
Hey thanks buddy and appreciated you comment.
Well I set Gnome Panel's Shell theme to Sierra-Dark and tweaked the gnome-shell.css for font size to normal.
Then I set the Fonts as follows:
1. Window Title Roboto Regular 10
2. Interface Ubuntu Regular 10
3. Document same as Interface
4. Monospace to Ubuntu Mono Regular 11.

Hope this will help. - Aug 01 2018
Darwin Plymouth

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Jul 16 2015
Its really nice, but hope it could work on Ubuntu 18.04. I tried but failed. - Aug 09 2018

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Feb 17 2020
Nice one. I liked it in first impression, specially the windows rounded corners. Nice job. - Jul 24 2018

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Jul 08 2018
nice theme, can you please make windows control buttons like mac - Jul 24 2018

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Jul 27 2019
waiting for dark version...
- Jul 24 2018
High Ubunterra

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Apr 21 2019
HI EugeneVe,

Thanks for the beautiful gdm3 lockscreen, really loved it. I would just like to do some modifications in it. Could you please tell me how can I place the username down user picture, I like it that way.

Thanks in advanced. - Jul 21 2018

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Apr 12 2020
Hi Paulxfcce,

Its a really great theme and I love it. I would just like to let you know that the resize cursor handles around the windows such as terminal, firefox etc are goes beyond the window. I am not sure you are getting my point here or not :P wish I could upload the screenshot to describe point in detail. But the move cursor handle around the nautilus window is perfect.

Thanks and Regards. - Jul 17 2018

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Jun 25 2018
I liked this theme, but what I don't appreciate is its control button i.e. Min, Max and Close. I don't like that glossy look, but the windows color combination is very good. I want to try this theme as a permanent just want those buttons to be fixed. Thank you. - May 19 2018